מרכז הדרחה SDLab

Educational center SDLab

Project details:

  • About 50 square meter
  • Designed, constructed and renovated 06.2018
  • The responsible body: SDLab

Building a convenient visual field -is the best way to design a learning center.

We tested to what extent interiors environments characterized by different forms and textures might stimulate different levels of restorative or arousal responses, which has an effect on the learning process.

We hypothesized that homogeneous sceneries (like a standard classroom with white walls) are less arousing than decorated (a harmonized class with well-applied colors and forms) and aggressive sceneries (classroom with walls overloaded with various thematically materials).

The goal of our project was to investigate the appearance of arousal or restorative reaction, which cause positive or negative effect on the learning process, depending on various textuality levels of sceneries and to build up the best version of a learning center for Scientific Design Lab.

1. Based on the tests produced, we may conclude that textuality plays an important role in the aesthetic and emotional perception, which results in diverse pupil responses and effectiveness of the learning process.

2. Another important subject that we attempted to hypothesize and receive justification for, was the correlation between the level of texture complexity and emotional response of the audience accompanied by relatively amplified pupil diameters and readiness to learn.

3. Creating an interior, that fully meets the needs of the brain in the learning process — is a real opportunity to improve learning efficiency and may be useful in educational practice